3 Cozy Destinations to Reset and Soak in Autumnal Colors

By Christane Njatcha

After three long summer months, I’m ready to reset and recharge. The warm weather came with humidity and heat waves alike. As if that wasn’t enough, the work-life balance hasn’t been all that balanced. I’m managing a demanding work schedule and personal relationships, so what better way to find rejuvenation than at the start of the new autumn season. Taking a trip is the best way to reflect and having a few days to disconnect for the seasonal change is cleansing. Here are three cozy destinations that help me reset and soak in the autumnal colors.


Stowe, Vermont

Nothing draws me to the northeastern part of the United States like the city known as Fall’s Color Capital: Stowe, Vermont. Heading into Vermont, I can already catch the warm, welcoming colors of autumn: yellow, red, and orange with a hint of brown. September through mid-October is a festive time in Stowe; as the vibrant colors scatter through the hills and countryside. I am ready to refresh.


There are many ways to experience the renowned Green Mountains of Vermont. One way is to take pleasure in the Gondola SkyRide tour. As a ‘Leaf Peeper’ myself, this is an experience filled with views and relaxation. The gondola glides through Mt. Mansfield—Vermont’s tallest peak—and leaves me breathless as I take in Stowe’s legendary foliage. The quaint village of Stowe is the perfect destination for a picturesque drive along the countryside. I grab a cup of warm coffee from a local café and begin my journey along VT Route 100, also known as Green Mountain Byway. I pull over every thirty minutes to soak in the farmland and open meadows. These scenic drives can be long or short, but I use the breaks to disconnect and enjoy.

Stowe is not short on adventurous activities like hiking, camping, boating, and scenic drives. There’s something for everyone here, and I’ve discovered that this village is where I can successfully restore myself and prepare for the dynamics of the season change.

Catskill Mountains, New York

For me, one of the most serene moments in the fall is waking up to a cool morning breeze and the sight of leaves changing color. The Catskill Mountains of New York offer a magnificent autumnal landscape and cozy outdoor space for camping, and I always look forward to spending a couple of days there during autumn. With tiny houses and wooden cabins in the Catskills of Greene County, I bask in the stillness of the village.

The Catskill Mountains is a top fall destination I enjoy sharing with family and friends as there are endless activities to bond over on the hillsides. One of those activities is hiking; there are different regions to experience the foliage in Catskills, and Mount Utsayantha is one of the best viewing points. We embark on a two-mile round-trip hike up to the summit and catch a bird’s eye view of the mountains surrounding Utsayantha. The striking scenery is priceless as we take in our surroundings and find our zen. At last, I can see myself overcoming my summer blues as the mountains restore my lost zeal bit by bit.


The Poconos, Pennsylvania

I can’t think of a better place to transition into fall than spending a three-day weekend in the Pocono Mountains. The Poconos have a stellar reputation for their unmatched ski resorts in the winter, but the autumn season is even more fascinating. The landscape of scenic Route 507 near Lake Wallenpaupack always creates pockets of calming moments that my spirit cherishes. Stunning shades of orange and yellow in the scenery generates a cascade of euphoria upon arrival.

The Poconos are home to 127 indigenous species of trees, plants, and shrubs. I’ve found the perfect activity to glimpse everything at once is to take a ride on the fall foliage train—a sightseeing journey that allows me to rest my legs at the same time. With the help of a tour guide, I take in all of the natural and man-made landmarks, while journaling about my experience. I’m always delighted to take in the rich history of the Pocono Mountains through a leisure lake cruise. The wooded lakes create a calm atmosphere and sense of peace as I enjoy the illumination of autumn and reflect on all that passed in the fading summer.