4 Rental Car Accessories You Should Always Keep in Your Suitcase

by Kristy Tolley
person charging cell phone

Driving a rental car in an unfamiliar city can be stressful. Add to that not knowing the ins and outs of the particular rental car you’re driving. By always having these rental car accessories in your suitcase when you plan to rent a car, you can ease your stress and minimize distractions.

1. Phone Mount

Most people use the navigation software on their mobile devices. It’s convenient and provides up-to-date information regarding traffic, construction and other important road trip information. A phone mount in your car enables you to see what directions your navigation system provides. You can opt for a dashboard mount or a cup mount.

2. Car Charger

If you’re depending on your phone for directions or using it to search local restaurants and attractions, the last thing you want is a dead battery. A car phone charger is vital for road trips — especially in case of an emergency.

3. Bluetooth Adapter

Rental car companies often update their fleets with newer-model cars, but bringing your own Bluetooth audio kit is a good idea.

4. Charging Cable

A longer cord is especially convenient for back seat passengers.

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