75th AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Anniversary

by Gwen Newell

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is celebrating 75 years by honoring its past and looking to a future of saving lives by continuing to prevent traffic crashes and reduce injuries when crashes occur.

Founded in 1947, the Foundation is a charitable research and education organization that has been true to its mission to prevent traffic deaths and injuries by conducting research into their causes and by education the public about different strategies to prevent crashes and reduce injuries when they do occur. Drawing on both in-house resources and the work of leading experts in North America, the work of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety generates concrete recommendations for preventing crashes, injuries and deaths on our roads.

Initially emphasizing projects related to safety patrols and driver education, today the Foundation has expanded its scope of work and has long been recognized as a leader in traffic safety, with a focus on the following four research priorities:

Widely respected, the Foundation is routinely cited for its landmark studies and research pertaining to distracted driving, traffic safety culture, teen and older driver studies, and drowsy driving have been featured nationally. Congratulations to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety on 75 years, and more to come.

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