5 Reasons a AAA Membership is the Best Holiday Gift

by Janean Flowe
somone holding a gift box with a red bow on top

It can be stressful trying to find holiday gifts for friends and family. Forget the long store lines and endless online browsing — buy them a AAA Gift Membership! It’s the perfect way to show your loved ones you care. Here’s why:

  1. AAA Membership covers the member whether they’re driving or riding.
  2. They’ll save money at thousands of locations across the nation — on rental cars, entertainment, restaurants, hotels and more.
  3. AAA Membership also includes exclusive savings on car repair and auto insurance.
  4. Need travel planning help? Members have free access to AAA Travel Agents who can provide expert advice for the perfect vacation.
  5. You’ll be comforted in knowing the ones you love are taken care of.

Skip the lines and avoid gift-giving anxiety. Treat your friends to a AAA Membership and everyone wins!

NEXT STEP: Call 833-668-5392 or visit AAA.com/GoMembership to purchase a AAA Gift Membership

(Go Magazine Nov-Dec 2020)


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