AAA Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping

by Janean Flowe
AAA Good Housekeeping

AAA’s Inspector’s Best Of Housekeeping award recognizes AAA Inspected & Approved hotels that receive the highest possible cleanliness and condition scores. Travelers have another important indication of what it means to be a AAA top-rated hotel in North America.

This award showcases the best and brightest among 27,000 AAA Inspected & Approved hotels. North Carolina landed the number four spot on the list of states with the most AAA Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping Hotels — 458 hotels.Charlotte was fifth on the list of cities with the most AAA Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping hotels.

While every hotel must meet expected standards of cleanliness and condition to qualify as AAA Inspected & Approved and receive a Diamond Rating, hotels awarded the Inspector’s Best Of Housekeeping designation significantly surpass expectations, as measured during a comprehensive, on-site inspection.

Cleanliness and physical condition are consistently among the most important components travelers consider when looking for a hotel. This new designation identifies hotels with exceptional practices. A hotel’s housekeeping and maintenance attributes are among the most rigorous components analyzed during the unannounced evaluation conducted annually by AAA’s professionally trainedinspectors Additionally, hotels have implemented even more stringent sanitation programs since the outbreak of COVID-19.

AAA’s professional inspectors evaluate and rate properties year-round, so the total number of properties to achieve the Inspector’s Best Of Housekeeping award varies throughout the year.

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— Rob Huffman, VP of Travel & Branch Operations

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