AAA Member: Covered From Coast to Coast

by Janean Flowe
Summer Still

AAA Member Summer Still is a successful broadcaster who launched her television and radio career in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She seized the opportunity to host her own show on Star 98.7/Alt 987 in Los Angeles, California, where she worked for many years.

Eventually, the Carolinas called her back. Today you can catch her on B106.7 in Columbia. “I came back to see my family on vacation and just couldn’t leave,” says Still.

Through every move, Still relied on her AAA Membership.

“The first thing I did when I got my license was join AAA,” she says. “It saved me many times in L.A. when I didn’t have anyone else to call.”

AAA was also key in making a dream family vacation come true. A serious car accident left her older brother, Michael, unable to walk for several years. Still explains: “When he woke from his coma, he was in a haze. Doctors suggested we expose his mind to beautiful things to help him recover. My mom, Sara, dreamed of us taking the trip of a lifetime to Hawaii. I wanted to make sure that every moment of this trip would be perfect, so I went to AAA. The agent told us about places we didn’t know about, which made it especially memorable. If you want a great journey, use your AAA Travel Agent!”

Their adventures in Hawaii included hiking Diamond Head. “My brother hadn’t been able to walk in five years,” she shares. “For him to do that hike — it was incredible. He met so many people there who were having troubles and he encouraged them to keep going.” Still compiled the notes she journaled during their trip and wrote a book about their experience — The Man in the Red Shorts.

Of her AAA Membership, Still says: “It’s wonderful peace of mind. If you know you have it, you know you can handle anything that happens.”

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(Go Magazine Sept-Oct 2020)

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