5 Vehicles Great for Winter Sports

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When traveling to your favorite winter getaway in the mountains of North and South Carolina, you should have a vehicle that can haul your family and equipment safely in case of heavy snow or other inclement weather conditions. Check out five AAA picks for vehicles that are safe and efficient on winding mountain roads when circumstances aren't the best.
The Jeep Grand Cherokee provides stellar performance on rough terrain and has some of the best features needed to tackle the mountains. With the 4WD model, a traction control system is standard, with selectable settings for snow, sand, mud or rock.

For skiers, the 4WD Chevrolet Suburban LS, LT and LTZ models are hard to beat. There is seating for eight and plenty of cargo space for luggage and equipment. With a roof-mounted ski carrier, you can pack even more inside the vehicle.
The Ford F150 is another choice for skiers and snowboarders, as well as hunters and hikers. All models of this truck offer the option of 4WD. With its extended bed, you can comfortably pack your winter gear in the back and have plenty of elbow room in the cab. Its impressive off-road capabilities can take you to some of the most remote locations.
The standard all-wheel-drive system of the Subaru Outback is a stand-out feature for driving on steep roads or in treacherous conditions. This wagon is one of the best alternatives to a big SUV with its good safety ratings and comfortable, roomy interior. It’s a great option for everyday driving too.

For a little more luxury, BMW offers a series of crossover sport activity vehicles (X-1, X-3, X-5 and X-6), perfect for winter trips. All are available with xDrive– BMW's all-wheel-drive system.

Also, don't forget the importance of tires. Winter tires perform much better than all-season tires because of their tread block patterns designed to grip snow, ice and slush-covered roads.

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