6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Cool in Hot Weather

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Your vehicle can be a scorching sweatbox in the heat of the summer, especially when you first sit in it in the middle of the day. But we’ll show you a few quick tips to keep your car as cool as possible without having to crank the AC to full blast.
#1: Park in a shady place.
In parking lots, we always like to park as close as we can to the building, but you might want to change your M.O. during the hot months. By parking the front of the car beneath a shaded area, you can keep your car a few degrees cooler and even reduce a bit of the wear and tear on the paint.
#2: Got a sunroof? Leave it cracked and use the tilt function.
This will help hot air escape without letting rain fall in.
#3: Use a windshield cover.
You won’t be able to keep out all of the heat, but with a windshield cover, you can keep the seats cooler, protect the dash and reduce some of the heat in the car.
#4: Cool it down with the open door trick.
In “8 Great Life Hacks for Your Car,” we talked about a trick that helps cool your car down when you first get in. Before you sit down in the car, roll down the window on the passenger’s side. Then, open and close the door on the driver’s side a few times to push out the hot air. This way, you won’t have to sweat it out while the AC cools down the cabin.
#5: Check coolant levels regularly.
While coolant doesn’t actually cool down the cabin temperature, it helps prevent the engine from overheating, and in turn, prevents hot air from the chassis blowing into the cabin. Be sure to check your coolant level at least once every two weeks.
#6: Cover your seats with blankets.
This tip will really come in handy if you have leather seats. If you have cloth seats, you can even use damp pool towels to keep the seats cool. Doing so dries the towels at the same time.


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