Best Cars for Busy Moms

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Modern moms have a lot on their plates. Many juggle raising a family, working, grocery shopping, cleaning and chauffeuring kids around for sports, playdates and other activities. With many hours spent in the car, it is no wonder moms want the best car to keep up with their busy schedules.
What are the best cars for busy moms? Right away the Honda Odyssey mini-van comes to mind, with its easy access, comfortable seating for eight and superb entertainment system. Size and practicality make this a winner for large families.
Many moms want a car that can reflect their personality and handle all the chores that come with parenting. Some sedan favorites include the Hyundai Sonata for its standard perks like wide seating and touchscreen navigation; the Toyota Camry for its high resale value, wireless charging and entertainment packages and the Honda Accord because it’s good on gas and free of blind spots.
The SUV mom will enjoy the Chevrolet Tahoe with its towing capability for outdoorsy families or the Nissan Pathfinder because it offers higher end trim, climate controlled seating and a bird’s eye view when backing up.
If a pick-up truck is more your style, you might want to check out the Ford F150 Supercrew, with its generous comfortable seating, or the RAM 1500, which offers a spacious cab and a huge bed for holding gear.
Busy moms have a lot of great choices. Test drive and compare to see what feels right for you and your family.

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