Different Cars for Different Age Groups

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With all of the great car options out there, it’s important to remember that some cars are better for specific age groups than others. Different drivers have different needs, from seating room for soccer moms to fuel-efficiency for senior citizens. If you’re shopping around for a car for someone in the family, you should answer these questions to guide your car search in the right direction:

  • Who needs the car?

  • Where will he or she be driving the car?

  • How often will that person drive the car?

  • Will that person be driving with anyone? If so, how many people?

  • Does that person have any physical limitations?

  • Will the car be used for work? If so, what type of work?

  • What type of storage is needed and available?

Once you answer these questions, you’ll begin to identify the driver’s needs and have a better idea of what car is most suited for that person. While you’re doing your research, it’s also a good idea to talk to an auto expert. The friendly professionals at AAA Carolinas can show you all of your options for each age group, without the pushiness you get at the dealership. In the meantime though, we’ll break down a few age groups and list some car types to consider.
For teens. Teen drivers will be most suited in a small sedan or hatchback since the car will be used to go to and from school and work. These car types are also fairly fuel efficient, a huge plus for the typical teen who is constantly on-the-go. Avoid SUVs and large trucks since these are more difficult for less experienced drivers to control.
Seniors. Small or midsized sedans are perfect for seniors who usually don’t spend much time on the road. If you’re treating your parents to a luxury sedan, look for one with a smaller engine, like a 4-cylinder. Smaller engines usually accelerate slower than 6 and 8-cylinder engines, making them more fuel efficient and safer to drive than cars with larger engines.
Stay-at-home parent. Minivans and midsized SUVs have seating and cargo space, which is why they’re excellent choices for stay-at-home parents who frequently run errands with the kids.
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