​Downsizing: Which Vehicle Is Best for You?

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There could be a variety of reasons for downsizing your vehicle — the kids are off to college, gas prices are on the rise, or you just want better parking options. Downsizing your car could equate to big savings on monthly payments, gas, insurance and repairs. If you can comfortably fit in a smaller car with less storage, it probably pays to downsize. Here are five options that make sense.
Honda CR-V
Small SUVs appeal to a wide range of buyers from young families to active seniors. The Honda CR-V still provides cargo capacity and flexibility, proving to be better choice than its gas-guzzling counterparts.
Subaru Impreza
With safety as a priority, the Subaru Impreza performs well in crash tests conducted by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, and can tackle winter weather. It gets 34 mpg on the highway and is reasonably priced.
Hyundai Elantra
As one of the best small sedans on the market, it looks sharp, gets great fuel economy and comes with substantial features. This has wide appeal with excellent performance and good value for drivers.
Ford Focus
The Ford Focus is a versatile choice; this vehicle can be purchased as a hatchback or as a sedan. It is popular for its affordable starting price, fuel economy and nice features. Plus, it offers a lot of trunk space for a small car.
The Mazda3 is one of the safest and most attractive cars to drive in its class. It earned a “good” rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety on all of the crash tests, making it a great choice for downsizing.
If you are in the market to downsize, you can responsibly choose a smaller vehicle without sacrificing safety by taking a look at some of these options. If you have questions or need help finding the perfect down-sized car for you, call your local AAA Auto Buying today.

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