How to Balance Fun and Functionality in a Family Vehicle

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With all of the fun features out there like sliding doors on each side, Bluetooth functionality, and HD televisions, it’s easy to get carried away with features you might not need in a family vehicle. So to help you find the perfect vehicle for your budget and your family’s lifestyle, we’ve listed a few tips on striking a balance between fun and functionality.
#1: Identify your budget. Before you head out to look, review your finances and decide how much you can comfortably afford on a family vehicle.
#2: How much space do you need? To determine how much space you need, consider the following factors:

  • Number of passengers. For example, if you plan on regularly driving more than five passengers, a small car or truck might not cut it. You’ll want to look for a minivan or large SUV with three seat belts in the back and possible third row seating. 

  • Common destinations. Is this vehicle mostly for commuting around town, or for long road trips? For example, if you take road trips but only have one child, a fuel efficient sedan might be your best bet.

  • Do you need space for car seats?

#3: How old are the passengers? If your passengers are toddlers and you plan on taking road trips often, then the video upgrade is a good idea. On the other hand, if you’re the soccer mom or dad on the block, then the minivan with a built-in vacuum is a wise investment, as long as it’s in your budget.
#4: Always prioritize safety features over the fun stuff. The wireless hot spot is a pretty convenient feature, but be sure to go for the safety features first, like rearview and side cameras, lane departure warning, and anti-lock brakes. Do your due diligence and check the vehicle’s safety rating before making a purchase. 
With all of the great options out there for a family vehicle, finding the exact car that you want can be tricky. And let’s face it, a family vehicle is an important investment, so give the experts at AAA Auto Buying Carolinas a call. They’ll work with your budget and help guide you to the best vehicle for your family, without the pressure you get at the dealership.


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