Love, Marriage, and Cars

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Now that you two have tied the knot (or are getting ready to), what becomes of your cars? Do you want to share equal rights over the vehicle(s), or do you want individual rights over your car?
While you don't have to put your spouse's name on your vehicle title, there are pros and cons to doing so. Putting your spouse’s name on the car title will allow you to share ownership, while not doing so makes the vehicle indisputably yours in the case of a separation or divorce.
However, things would get tricky if the marriage didn't work out and both names were on the title. For more information on vehicle property rights in the event of a divorce, seek the advice of a lawyer or contact your local DMV.
Until death do us part
While we hate to be grim, it's a good idea to consider the unexpected when deciding on vehicle property rights. Having only your name on the title puts your spouse in a bind over the vehicle in the event that you pass away. In such a situation, your spouse might not have legal rights over the car, unless it said so in your will. Again, contact a lawyer or the DMV for more info.
Trade up?
If you both only rely on one vehicle in your household, why not trade both vehicles in for a brand new vehicle? Doing so, you can substantially cut your gas and insurance costs.
But before you trade in your current vehicles, it's always a good idea to reach out to an auto buying expert to ensure that you get the most for your trade-ins. The specialists at AAA Auto Buying know the ins and outs of the auto marketplace and have the expertise to help you get the most value out of your trade-ins. They'll work with you tirelessly to help you find the exact car you want, without the hassle and haggling you might get elsewhere.


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