Sales Team Highlight: Nelson Baucom

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When you choose to work with AAA Auto Buying, you’ll have the chance to work with the friendliest and most knowledgeable sales specialists in the auto industry, like Nelson Baucom. Nelson has specialized in helping people like you find the car of their dreams, creating an unforgettably fun auto buying experience. So in this week’s Sales Team Highlight, Nelson shares some of his thoughts on the auto buying industry.
AAA: What’s your biggest challenge in tracking down cars for people?
NB: I try to empathize with the member and really listen to what they are searching for. I search for vehicles that I would want to own, based on what the customer wants and needs in a vehicle. And I’m quite hard to please. If I wouldn’t drive it or sell it to a family member, I really don’t want to sell it to a customer.     
AAA: What’s the most common question people ask when looking for a car with you?
NB: “How much money can you save me?” And while our goal is to save members as much as possible, we also want to make it the easiest and most pleasurable experience as well.
AAA: If you could have a dream car tomorrow, what would it be?
NB: I’ve always wanted a Corvette Stingray and the new generation Coupe would be awesome!      
AAA: What car do you drive now?
NB: My “daily driver” is a 99 Honda Civic. I came from a Honda background, and the Civic and Accord are bulletproof. You just can’t beat a Honda for reliability, dependability, and economy!     
AAA: Why did you want to help people find cars?
NB: I have been in the business for almost 30 years, and I really grew tired of the corporate movement with misleading promotions and advertising. This is a fun and exciting business, and people (me included) get really excited about buying a new car, whether it’s new or just new to them. So much of the fun has been removed from the experience with the advent of technology, the Internet, and all that has evolved with it. There are very few things more satisfying than hearing a member say, “I absolutely love my new car and love my experience with AAA!”
AAA: When you’re not at AAA, where would someone find you? What are your hobbies?
NB: My biggest “hobby” is my grandson, and I spend as much time with him as possible.
AAA: What was your first car? 
NB: A 1969 Camaro. Base model.  No A/C, 3-speed on the floor with a Kraco 8-Track hooked up to the AM radio. I would love to have one again, but perhaps with a 327/350 and a 4-speed Hurst shifter.

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