Size vs. Fuel Efficiency: How to Fit All the Kids in One Car and Save at the Pump

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Do you want size or fuel efficiency?
As parents, it’s the ultimate question we ask ourselves when buying a new vehicle. Of course, the idea is to find a balance of both size and fuel efficiency, but these factors depend entirely on your lifestyle and the size of your family. Even with only two children, a sedan simply isn’t a plausible option when you factor in car seats, strollers, and cargo space for other things like luggage and groceries.
Once your children are older and no longer using strollers, you can always trade in your minivan or SUV for a fuel-efficient sedan, but you could actually make your sedan less fuel-efficient than a larger vehicle if you overload it with passengers and cargo. This is why space should always be the #1 consideration when looking for a new car. In addition to seating, you should also account for cargo room and any other potential passengers, such as relatives or your children’s friends.
Where are you going?
Once you’ve decided how much space you’ll need, you’ll want to consider where your new vehicle will take you. If you take a lot of road trips and have 4-5 members in your family, be sure to look for a vehicle with fuel-efficient features, like front-wheel drive and eco-boost. If you are mainly using the vehicle for running errands around town, then these added features might not be as much of a concern.
Finding a vehicle with that perfect balance between size and fuel efficiency can be tricky, especially with all of the great options out there. While you’re doing your research, try reaching out to the experts at AAA Auto Buying Services. Their friendly team members will work with your budget and help guide you toward a vehicle with that perfect balance. You can search their entire inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles or even build your ideal family vehicle from scratch.


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