Timing is Everything: Best Times to Buy a Car

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From year-end sales events to Independence Day sales, there are plenty of ideal times throughout the year to buy a car. But whether or not one time is better than another time to buy is still up for debate. So for some professional insight on the matter, we asked the experts at AAA Auto Buying Services to share their thoughts on the very best times to buy a car.
Nelson Baucom, a sales executive at AAA Auto Buying explains that while a majority of cars are sold during the last week of each month, there really isn’t a best or worst time to purchase a vehicle, especially with AAA.
“With our service, the best time to buy a car is any time,”Baucom said. “Many times manufacturers’ incentives run through the end of the month so there may be some validity to purchasing then. But in reality, there’s always next month for other incentives.”
Baucom also explained that many sales programs at dealerships are “agenda” based, with salesmen working towards monthly goals. “Keep in mind that, just as in any endeavor, there must be an initial push to get toward the end goal, so each deal is important. Therefore, your ‘best’ deal can be at the beginning or the end [of the month],” he said.
Jesus Ramirez of AAA Auto Buying also elaborated a bit on the best times to buy a car and emphasized the importance of avoiding the crowds when making such an important purchase.
“While most consumers shop on weekends when dealerships are full and salespeople are busy, you can get the salesperson’s undivided attention best when shopping on weekdays,” Ramirez said. “But the great thing about AAA Auto Buying Services is that you will always have our undivided attention any day of the week.”
Unlike dealerships, AAA Auto Buying’s only goal is to find you the exact car that you want. They have a comprehensive understanding of the auto marketplace and will work with you diligently to find a car that meets your budget and your lifestyle. To find the car of your dreams, call 1-800-424-7951 or visit http://carolinas.aaa.com/buyvehicles/Pages/Buy-Vehicles.aspx.


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