Vehicle Features that Make You a Safer Driver

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Before you go car shopping, you might be thinking about the comfort and luxury you desire in your new vehicle. For practical purposes, you want enough room for your family and enough storage for travel or shopping. Today there are so many new features to consider that will make you a safer driver, too. Educate yourself before you purchase your next car and check out some of the best safety features available.
Adaptive cruise control will automatically slow your vehicle down in traffic to maintain a safe following distance without you doing anything. Forward collision avoidance alerts you with visual or auditory cues when your vehicle is getting too close to the one in front of you. Autonomous breaking is a feature that breaks automatically to prevent a collision or lessen the impact after a warning has been given. The combination of these features is the most effective in reducing the likelihood of a severe impact and can be found as an option on many new makes and models.
Popular options on most mid-range cars now include backup cameras, reverse backup sensors and parking assist. Taking the technology even further, luxury brands offer self parking features that do all the work for you. As technology continues to advance, we will likely see more options and refinements to safety features. Take the time to research safety options that could prevent an accident—and possibly save your life.

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