What to Consider When Choosing a Vehicle Interior

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We spend a lot of time in the car and daily wear and tear can take a toll on the interior. We eat while driving, transport children who snack, pile in sports equipment, and get in and out of the car in varying weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to look beyond aesthetics when choosing a vehicle interior and think about what it takes to keep the cabin clean.
If you’re considering carpet …
Nylon and polyester are very durable, but porous, so stains can seep in. Since the carpet takes the most abuse, you want to make sure you have quality rubber mats that can protect it. For cloth seats, seat belts and the rear panel, a special upholstery shampoo can get the job done. To get out tough stains, you can steam clean both the seats and the carpet.

If you’re considering faux leather …
Faux leather and vinyl are waterproof and take minimal effort to clean. A wet cloth and mild detergent will do the trick, then you can wipe the residue and dry it with a clean cloth.
If you’re considering leather …
Leather requires special cleaners and conditioners to keep it soft. Rub the oils into the leather, allowing it to absorb. Be careful– using the wrong cleaning agent can strip the leather of its natural oils, causing it to crack.
Glass cleaner works well for all interior plastic and windows. You can clean all the small areas with Q-tips or a toothbrush for the best results. Don’t forget air vents, radio buttons, and cup holders, too. 

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