What to Know About AGM Batteries

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Did you know that even with all the advances in technology over the past century, a majority of vehicles still use the same standard flooded lead-acid battery that was used when cars were first invented?
So with new features like heated seats, navigation systems, and auto start/stop functionality, wouldn’t it make sense to have a battery that can keep up with this high-powered technology?

Enter the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery. It’s actually been around since 1972 but typically was only used in planes, racing cars, military vehicles, and commercial vehicles with high power demands. Unlike the old flooded acid battery that is prone to leaking, the AGM battery is specially designed to withstand excessive vibrations without leaking, which is why it was primarily used in high-powered vehicles up until recent years.
So what are some other advantages of AGM batteries?

  • Much faster charge—up to five times faster than flooded acid batteries

  • Outstanding performance and starting capability, even in extreme cold and heat

  •  Easy start after long-term sitting 

  • Internal glass mat design prevents battery acid leaking, even in the event of an accident

Does it matter what type of battery I use in my car?
Absolutely. If your car calls for an AGM battery, you have to use an AGM battery—not only to fulfill the requirements of your car’s warranty, but because AGMs are often installed in the cabin area due to the fact that they don’t leak. Putting a flooded lead-acid battery in the cabin is a major safety and health issue. Also, having the wrong battery installed can cause a great deal of damage to the electrical system of the car, often costing thousands of dollars in repairs.
AGM batteries and flooded acid batteries look very similar, so be sure to check your owner’s manual to see what type of battery your vehicle takes.Flooded acid batteries will say “Flooded lead acid” or “wet cell” on the top, while AGM batteries will say “AGM,” “valve-regulated,” or “dry cell.”
Additionally, having an AGM battery installed sometimes requires new registration of your vehicle’s computer system, which is why it’s important to have your battery properly installed by a battery expert, like the technicians at AAA. Their friendly techs have the expertise to know which type of battery your car takes, and they have a huge variety of batteries in stock, so you can equip your car with the right battery for your power needs. 


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