What Your Car’s Color Says About You

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Sure, it’s a no-brainer that the type of car you drive speaks volumes about your personality, but what about the color of your car?
As it turns out, car color is a lot more influential than you might think, and it shows the world what you’re all about without you saying a single word. We’ll break down come common car colors and show you what tends to come to mind when people see them.
A bold shade, red is great for anyone who wants to be seen as powerful and assertive. Red is also the color associated with danger, which is why it has a way of heightening our attention when we see it. On the other hand, darker hues like maroon are more welcoming and might make you seem very trustworthy to others.
Depending on the shade of blue, it’s typically very calming (especially in lighter shades). That said, royal blue is also very bold and can portray you as an exciting person. Whether you go with light or dark shades of blue, most people will probably think that you’re friendly.
The color of purity has made a big comeback in recent years, especially with high-end performance makes like BMW and Audi. That said, white is the way to go if you’re always in a wealthy frame of mind, regardless of the size of your bank account. Grey can also have this effect, especially darker greys.
Black can seem pretty bad to the bone, but it’s an awfully common car color for a reason—it’s incredibly sleek and mysterious. Some people enjoy the privacy of their car and like to go with black to fly under the radar and go unnoticed. If you’re the secretive, not-so-outgoing type, go with black.
Green is like the opposite of blue—darker shades like hunter green are more calming, while lighter shades, like lime green are pretty alarming. If you’re the eccentric type and strive to be unique, go with light green. But if you’re pretty down to earth, dark green will tell the world that you’re pretty even keeled.
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