Which Fuel Source is Best for You?

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In today’s automobile market, gasoline is at the top of the fuel supply chain, but engineers have been experimenting with other fuel types that are more sustainable and better for the environment. Flex fuel, hybrid and diesel—among others—are all options that will fuel your car, but which type is best for you?
Gasoline-powered engines are generally efficient, lightweight and emit low volumes of emissions, but they are often expensive to fuel and maintain. Compared to diesel-powered engines, gasoline-powered engines also create less vibration and noise and are easier to start in colder weather. Gasoline is still at the top of the fuel supply chain in the United States; however, many consumers have been experimenting with other fuels for transportation.
Diesel fuel is more favored in Europe than in the United States since Europe has less strict emissions standards; however, it is gaining popularity here. Diesel gets significantly more fuel economy than gasoline when it comes to your fuel mileage. Diesel needs to be run through a diesel engine, and diesel engines offer more torque than typical gasoline engines. Torque allows for great acceleration, which also accounts for the great fuel economy numbers.
Flex fuel vehicles are designed to run on a mix of fuel sources—either methanol or ethanol and gasoline. This combination burns cleaner than regular fuel in normal combustion engines. Flex fuel will typically cost you less at the pumps, but you get fewer miles per gallon. 
A hybrid car features a gasoline-powered engine with an electric motor, while a traditional vehicle gets its power solely from the engine. In a hybrid, a complex system controls manages the engine and motor to balance the use of both fuel sources; this achieves optimal efficiency for every driving condition.

If you are looking to save at the gasoline pump or help the environment, check out some of the alternative fuel options on the road right now. 

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