Bike Smarts

by Janean Flowe
woman wearing a bike helmet and riding her bike in city traffic

Cycling is a healthy way to get around for kids and adults. With more Carolinians bicycling during spring and summer months, there’s no better time for a refresher on your bicycle safety knowledge.

For cyclists: 

  • Always wear a helmet when biking.
  • Wear reflective gear if biking in the morning or evening — it shines off the headlights of passing cars.
  • Stay in the bike lanes or paths as much as possible.
  • Use hand signals when turning to alert vehicles behind you.
  • Look both ways before merging, turning or crossing a road.
  • Assume that drivers don’t see you and behave accordingly.

For motorists: 

  • Give cyclists their room – they have the same right to a lane as you do.
  • Don’t drive distracted.
  • Check the medians.
  • Leave extra room between your vehicle and the cyclist.
  • Never engage with or honk at a cyclist as this may scare them into running off the road.
  • Slow down – only pass when it’s legal to do so and you have a clear view that there’s no oncoming traffic.

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