When Your Car Talks, Listen!

by Janean Flowe
illustration of green car

Everyone’s vehicle has its signature sounds, and often they’re entirely innocuous. Some noises, however, should never be tuned out. Doing so can risk damage to your car, and worse, put your safety at risk. Here are seven sounds you should never ignore.

1. Grinding

If you hear grinding when you press your brakes, your brake pads might be worn out. Grinding while shifting could be a problem with your clutch or transmission.

2. Squealing

Your brakes want you to know when they’re worn down. The squeal of metal hitting metal during braking is unmistakable. A squeal while accelerating can also mean a drive belt is loose or slipping.

3. Roaring

If you hear roaring, it could mean your vehicle isn’t shifting correctly. It could be sign of a damaged exhaust system, or like a grinding sound, it could be a sign of transmission problem. Roaring noises could also indicate a failing wheel hub bearing which is a major safety concern.

4. Hissing

This sound could be a sign that your engine is overheating. Other causes: a disconnected vacuum system or a stopped-up exhaust system.

5. Clicking

This sound could signal loose brake pads or calipers. It could also be due to a problem with your steering assembly. In either case, have it looked at immediately.

6. Popping

Popping sounds could indicate a range of issues: worn spark plugs, ignition problems, a clogged fuel filter, or a problem with your catalytic converter. It could also warn you of a steering problem.

7. Tapping

This sound is often a sign that your engine isn’t getting enough oil. Check your oil level and pressure gauge, or make an appointment to have it inspected. Tapping could also indicate a problem with your engine’s valve train.

These noises are begging you to have your vehicle looked at by a professional. Generally, the sooner you get these noises diagnosed the less expensive the correction will be. Make an appointment at AAA Car Care for your free digital vehicle inspection (DVI) and get full transparency into your car’s condition. Your digital inspection will show you what to address now and what you can roll down the road, meaning you can avoid hearing these noises in the first place.

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(Spring 2021)

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