Is an Extended Warranty Right for Me? 

by Kristy Tolley

An extended warranty is an extended service contract that covers the cost of certain repairs and problems after the factory warranty expires. It helps save you from surprise repairs and can give you peace of mindHowever, when you’re trying to decide whether you need it, consider these simple questions:  

  • How long do you plan to keep the vehicle?

If you usually swap cars every two to three years, repairs will likely be covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty. But if you keep your vehicles for the long haul, you would be more likely to benefit from an extended warranty. 

  • What is your car’s reliability rating?

If you purchase a vehicle with a high reliability rating (meaning it averages fewer repairs over time than other makes and models), you’re less likely to need an extended warranty. Check out reliability ratings through sources such as Consumer Reports and J.D. Power. Once you decide on a vehicle, you can finance and purchase it through AAA’s Auto Buying Program. 

  • What are your saving habits?

Would an unexpected, expensive repair bill break your budget? If the answer is yes, an extended warranty could provide you with peace of mind that if such repairs should occur, you’ll be covered.  

  • What does the extended warranty cover?

Read the fine print. Warranties range significantly in the number of miles and years of coverage, what parts and circumstances are covered (mechanical failure versus wear and tear), how expenses are paid and where repairs can be performed. The best plans offer a nationwide network of repair shops, directly pay for repairs and are backed by a financially sound company that you can count on. Those three factors are key to providing the peace of mind you want in an extended warranty. 

When it comes to any of your extended warranty questions or needs, AAA is here to help. We offer our own AAA Vehicle Extended Warranty that includes customized mile and term coverages, zero interest payment plans and more. We can give you peace of mind and avoid costly repairs.  

Visit or call 800-590-0145 today to learn more. 


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