Leave Headlight Restoration to the Professionals

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Environmental factors and UV light can cause dullness and discoloration of your headlights. Over time, wear and tear break down the protective hard coat of the lens, causing cracks and diminishing light output. The hazy and discolored lenses cause reduced visibility for nighttime travelers, increasing the possibility of an accident. Luckily, headlights can be restored to like-new condition by a professional. There are many DIY kits out there, but the benefits outweigh the risks when you work with a professional. Here's why.

  1. Most of the kits available do not include the proper tools needed for professional results. Intense cleaning and scratch removal can be done by wet sanding with a professional service tool. Because it is your goal to have the best on-road lighting for your safety, trust a professional to use the correct tools.
  2. Professional headlight restoration shops will apply a clear acrylic coat to protect the lens from UV exposure after it is restored. This added step will prevent future damage.
  3. Restoring headlights can take time and patience. Professionals know the inner workings of headlights from doing this every day. You may risk doing it wrong or scratching your car if you try to do it yourself.
  4. Professional restoration will improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. Your headlights will look like new, with crystal-clear lenses, and will complement your exterior. 
  5. You will save money by restoring your headlights instead of replacing them. Professional restorations are a fraction of the cost compared to replacement.  

AAA Car Care and AutoGlass offer headlight restoration service discounts to its members. 

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