Top 10 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

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When you purchase a new vehicle, everything is in top shape. Cars do not last forever, however, you can extend the life of your vehicle by following a few smart tips. 

1. Follow a regular maintenance schedule. Although it seems obvious, many car owners get caught up in their lives and neglect some routine checks.

2. Check fluids regularly. When the engine is cool, take a rag and clean off the dipstick and reinsert it to check the level of oil. Change your oil according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule. You can also check the power steering fluid, radiator overflow reservoir and brake cylinder reservoir. Use your owner’s manual to find the location of each of these fluids. 

3. Check tire pressure often. Use a gauge to make sure each tire has the proper psi as indicated in the owner’s manual. Overinflated and under-inflated tires are both dangerous.

4. Give your car time to warm up. Hopping in the car, throwing it into gear and racing out of the driveway is not advisable. Try to give your car a minute to warm up so the oil can lubricate the moving parts.

5. Address unusual noises. Pay attention to the sounds when your car is idling and when you are driving. You may notice a grinding sound when the brake pads are worn or a clicking sound when a nail is stuck in your tire.  

6. Take it easy. When shifting gears, take your time and wait until you are stopped. This will protect your transmission. Also, go easy on the brakes and accelerator to keep everything in working order.

7. Rotate your tires. Check your tires often for uneven wear. Follow the recommended schedule for rotating tires and alignment.

8. Wash your car year round. In the warmer weather cars are cleaned more frequently. Preserve the exterior by washing your car in colder months, too. Debris and pollutants can collect on your vehicle over time and destroy your paint.

9. Protect your vehicle from the sun. Direct sunlight can damage your exterior and reduce its life. Keep your car in shady areas or covered when possible. 

10. Change your filters. Clogged oil and fuel filters make engines work harder, so check your manual for proper maintenance. You can also have your mechanic check your air and transmission filters when you bring your car in for service. 

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