What kind of car wash should I get at FINS?

by Janean Flowe

Each wash at Fins Car Wash is guaranteed to be a memorable experience to keep and will keep you coming back again and again. Which of our fintastic washes should you choose?

Clean: With a quick rinse and protectant, the Clean wash is great to clean the dirt and grime off the surface of your vehicle and get you back on the road.

Spin: The Spin wash provides a thorough clean and also goes the extra mile to clean the wheels and underbody to keep your car in its best condition.

Shine: Take your clean to the next level with the Shine wash, including Sea Foam and Carnauba Wax that give your car a smooth and sparkling finish.

FINS Ultimate: Select the FINS Ultimate wash for the premium Fins Car Wash experience. Finish your stellar clean,
spin and shine with Ceramic Protectant — the highest level of protection available for your car that resists dirt and debris, reflects harmful UV rays and gives showroom-level shine that enhances the exterior of your car.

With each car wash purchase at Fins, you have access to free vacuums, mat cleaners, glass cleaner and towels to give your car the finishing touch inside and out. Find your closest Fins Car Wash location at FinsWash.com.

MEMBER SAVINGS: AAA Members get exclusive discounts through the Fins Mobile App, plus savings on Fins Unlimited Wash Clubs starting at $13.99/month!

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