Is Your Ride Road Ready?

by Janean Flowe
car driving down the highway

A new year means new adventures. Whether you’re planning an exciting road trip or just looking to get out more, keeping your vehicle in excellent condition ensures you never miss an opportunity. Prepare for everything 2021 might throw your way with these five simple maintenance tips.

1. Pull out your manual – It takes more than an oil change to keep your car in peak condition. Services like tire rotations, fluid exchanges and belt replacements are essential so start the year by checking your mileage and owner’s manual to see if it’s time.

2. Use full synthetic oil – All vehicles can benefit from the use of full synthetic oil. It improves fuel economy, provides better engine start-up protection and is more resistant to motor oil breakdown.

3. Go for a long drive – It’s beneficial to get your engine up to operating temperature regularly for multiple reasons, including burning off condensation and cycling fluid through the entire system. A long drive will also recharge your battery, which drains while it sits unused.

4. Watch your alignment – A slight pull to one side might seem like just a nuisance, but misaligned wheels can cause tires to wear more quickly, decrease your fuel economy and cause additional stress on your suspension.

5. Keep it clean – Washing your car has benefits beyond looking good. Removing dirt, bugs, air-borne pollutants and more prevents your paint from deteriorating. Also, cleaning windows, mirrors and tires helps keep you safe on the road.

Resolve to do what’s best for your vehicle and extend its life for years to come. The automotive experts at AAA Car Care can help with all your repair and preventative maintenance needs — except taking it for a long drive. We’ll leave that to you.

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