Protect Your Car and Wallet with AAA’s Lifetime Protection Plan

by Colin Joliat
mechanic with wrench and customer giving thumbs up for lifetime protection plan

Many people view preventative maintenance recommendations as an upsell to their oil change. The fact is, your vehicle needs more than just new oil to extend its life. Sticking to all of the manufacture’s recommended service intervals in your owner’s manual will help keep your car running smoother for longer.

At AAA, we offer a great perk for customers staying on top of their regular fluid preventative maintenance services – the AAA Lifetime Protection Plan. This plan gives customers who have vehicles between 0 – 75,000 miles warranty-like coverage on select services. And the best part? It’s free!

How does the AAA Lifetime Protection plan work?

When you purchase one of the select fluid maintenance services covered by our plan, your vehicle’s components associated with the service are covered (up to a certain amount) for future costs related to problems that may arise.

The amount of coverage you get depends on which one of the two Lifetime Protection Plans your vehicle qualifies for. And as long as you perform the fluid maintenance at or before the designated mileage intervals, the coverage stays in effect for as long as you own the vehicle.

For example, as we roll into summer, you’ll likely want to ensure that your cooling system is in peak condition. After service, the Lifetime Protection Plan will cover any issues associated with your heater core, water pump, freeze plugs, and radiator up to $4,000 for the next 30,000 miles, and beyond if you continue to service the cooling system every 30,000 miles or less thereafter. Now that’s peace of mind on a hot day!

Some other perks about our plan include no deductible, transferable when selling your vehicle, and it covers seven major vehicle systems. See our Lifetime Protection Plan breakouts and coverage details by clicking the button!

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