NCDOT Aims to Lower Railroad Deaths

by Gwen Newell

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is pushing to prevent tragedies on railroad tracks.

After 22 people were killed on railroad tracks in 2019 and the number remaining steady ever since, officials are trying to figure out why this continues to happen and how they can address the problem.

A recent study is providing key information to transportation officials as they work to lower the number of deaths of people who trespass or get stuck on a railroad track.

Over the past four years, researchers have used thermal cameras on areas throughout North Carolina where trespassing has been a known problem. They looked at the season, the date, and time when people were entering the tracks.

Researchers know many people underestimate just how dangerous walking on a railroad can be and further education for the public at large is needed. Henceforth, researchers will use the data to find engineering solutions for making railways even safer.

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