Saved by the Belt: Click it or Ticket

by Gwen Newell

Has a seat belt saved your life, or the life of someone you know? The North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program would love to hear from North Carolina drivers and passengers who decided to buckle up. The Saved by the Belt initiative raises awareness about the importance of everyone buckling up by highlighting people who prevented serious injury or death in a motor vehicle crash by wearing their seatbelt.

Recently, Hendersonville police officer Sgt. Kenneth Hipps, received the March ‘Saved by the Belt’ award by detailing how his own life was saved by a seatbelt. Traveling to his shift in Hendersonville, a vehicle ran a red light at an intersection, smashing into the rear of Hipps’ Dodge Durango and totaling his vehicle. Luckily, both Hipps and the driver were both buckled – and walked away with minor injuries.

Hipps’ simple decision to buckle up earned him the March ‘Saved by the Belt’ award from the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program.

Share your story through their Saved by the Belt form (here) to raise awareness on the importance of seatbelts!

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