Should I Buy a New or Used Vehicle?

by Janean Flowe
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Whether it’s new to the road or just new to you, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle. New and used cars both have their benefits. Ultimately, it comes down to which will leave you most satisfied. Here are a few of the upsides to each:

New Car Pros

  • Latest technology and increased reliability
  • Easier to customize with precise features
  • Highest fuel efficiency standards
  • Manufacturer warranty protection

Used Car Pros

  • More cost-effective due to depreciation
  • Wider range of available makes and models
  • Time-tested reviews and customer feedback
  • Lower insurance premiums

There are a few ways to ensure you get a vehicle that’s right for you regardless of whether it’s new or used.

1. Know your total budget. Calculate how much you’re comfortable paying monthly and only look for vehicles that fall within that range. Be sure to include taxes, insurance, fuel costs and interest if you’re financing.

2. Extended warranty. While a new vehicle includes a warranty, it’s built into the new-car price. If you’re purchasing a used car, consider an extended warranty to protect yourself from significant expenses down the road.

3. Do your research. Read reviews, check safety ratings and decide what you need versus what you want. If you don’t need a full-size vehicle, maybe a compact car with more features is right for you. If comfort is paramount, an SUV with fewer frills might be the ideal choice.

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