Sights of the Season: Drive Safely While Viewing Holiday Lights

by Gwen Newell

Enjoying holiday lights from your car is a great way to take in the sights of the season – but, albeit beautiful to look at, they can also be an extremely dangerous distraction for passing motorists if you’re not careful.

Since most light displays are in residential areas, distracted drivers who are moving through at night can potentially be a recipe for disaster, especially for pedestrians who are viewing lights on foot. Because of this, it is important for holiday revelers to remain focused on the road while driving, and if you wish to enjoy the lights, be sure to safely pull over first.

Some additional tips to guarantee complete safety while viewing holiday displays include remaining seated and buckled, constantly scanning the area for pedestrians who may not be watching for you, and pulling over if you need to program your GPS or take pictures. Lastly, do not come to a complete stop in a traffic lane. If you encounter someone who has stopped, only pass if it is safe and legal to do so.

Also, if you visit a drive-thru event and are asked to turn off your headlights, please remember to turn them back on when you exit. And as always, check weather and roadway conditions before your go out. While falling snow may enhance the holiday atmosphere, it also creates additional safety hazards, especially at night.

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