Support Online Driver Education

by Gwen Newell

Quality driver education is not only critical, but also key, as it provides a solid foundation of both knowledge and skills that can help prepare students to pass the state licensing exam and mold a future safe driver. North Carolina has already shown the commitment to teen driver safety by requiring novice drivers to compete a driver training course. However, there is still room for improvement in the delivery of driver education.

According to an online survey conducted by AAA at the beginning of the year, 88% of North Carolina parents support online driver education for teens. By authorizing online instruction, North Carolina teens can gain the driving knowledge to obtain a license as well as additional benefits that separate an online program from a traditional, classroom-based model. Teen Drivers would still be required to complete behind the wheel driving lessons and pass a required road test to receive their license.

The advantages of this alternative method of instruction include:

  • Accessibility. Through online learning, instructors and students can participate at a time, and for a duration, that suits his or her schedule. It is also more accessible to teens throughout the state, especially in rural areas.
  • Content. A high quality online program can have a greater level of student engagement. The technology allows for online quizzes and other tools to more rapidly assess student learning.
  • Online learning can be less expensive than classroom programs, which have been shown to be one of the barriers in completing driver training.
  • Security. Identity protection and verification is of the utmost importance. States that allow online driver education have successfully ensured this through keystroke and voice biometrics.

Support online driver education today!

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