Today is National Battery Day

by Gwen Newell
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How Many Batteries Do You Rely on in Your Life?

Observed every year on February 18th, National Battery Day was implemented to appreciate the convenience that batteries provide to our everyday lives. Let’s face it, almost everyone in the U.S. benefits from the use of a battery, even those living off the grid. From your smoke detectors to your car, batteries are everywhere.

To get the most charge out of this, AAA wants to share some important tips to remember about our AAA Mobile Battery Service.

Whether you are stranded at roadside or stuck in your driveway, our Battery Service Technicians conveniently come to our members and can change out your battery on the spot with one of our AAA Branded Batteries. These batteries have a competitive warranty of 6 years – the first three years include free placement and the second three years include pro-rated replacement.

AAA Car Care can also assist with a free battery check that is included in our multi-point digital vehicle inspection – AAA Digital Vehicle Insight (DVI). During this inspection, we include an image of the battery test itself. We also carry the AAA Branded Batteries mentioned above.

Recycling Car Batteries

Why is recycling important? The process of converting waste into reusable material keeps our environment safe. It also decreases both the need for new materials and the environment harm that comes from improperly disposed materials.

According to Battery Council International, nearly 90% of lead-acid batteries are recycled – they are considered the unsung heroes of the recycling world. How are car batteries recycled you may ask? The plastic is broken down, the lead is melted and the battery acid is then neutralized and processed. This process turns the acid into something useful!

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