Top 5 Reasons to Love Travel

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Beyond the amazing sights you’ll see, food you’ll taste and people you’ll meet, traveling outside of your native country has a positive impact on you internally as well. Just in case you need a few more reasons to convince yourself or a travel buddy to take the plunge into a new part of the world, here’s what we’ve found:
When you encounter the same environment on a daily basis, your thoughts are formed based on the same grounds. Traveling to a completely new space with new people allows you to reflect on your values and interests in a different way.
No matter where you travel, you will learn something new. Other parts of the world offer their own pieces of history and culture that are much more impactful to learn about in their natural context than in a book. You might even pick up a new language. "Everyone should travel outside of their cultural norms at least once in a lifetime," says AAA Travel Sales Specialist, Mandy Hough. "When we experience new cultures, languages, food, and socio-economic circumstances, we become much more in-tune and empathetic to the world and population around us. World peace doesn’t seem so far-fetched after you’ve met the wonderful people from areas that differ so greatly from your own."
Some of the best stories come from travel experiences, and re-telling those stories not only helps you connect with and entertain others, but also become a better storyteller. Because travel experiences tend to be profound, those stories are an especially great way to form a bond with someone who has been to the same place.
Getting out of your comfort zone will help you gain a new perspective and build self-confidence. Learning how to navigate an unfamiliar city, talk to people you don’t know and handle new situations is very empowering.
Live in the moment
They say that there’s no time like the present, and that is especially true with travel. Be sure to plan ahead, but don’t let planning and uncertainty deter you from making the final move.


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