#AAAtravelselfies: See Yourself in Lima, Peru

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Located in central Peru and the capital of the country, Lima is known as a large and vibrant metropolis.
When it comes to food, Lima is especially well known for ceviche. One of the best places to taste the dish is El Verídico de Fidel, which is in a less tourist-friendly neighborhood but is worth a visit for the food. Cordano has been a Lima institution for more than a century and serves local specialties. For more fine-dining experiences, try Astrid y Gastón, El Mercado or Malabar.
One of the must-see religious sites in Lima is La Catedral de Lima, built on land designated for the city’s first church in 1535. It has been built and rebuilt so many times that it displays multiple styles, but primarily baroque and neoclassical. Another site is Iglesia de Santo Domingo, a church and expansive monastery with baroque art and unique relics.
Begin your history lesson at Museo de la Nación, which provides an overview of Peru’s civilizations, then head to Museo Larco located in an 18th century mansion with a pre-Colombian ceramics collection.
Continue learning about history at Caral, a world heritage site home of the oldest civilization in America. Next, check out Plaza de Armas, which was the city center of life for the 16th century settlement. Then there is Parque de la Muralla where they exhibit remains from the wall that enclosed the city center in the 1600s but was torn down once the city started expanding in the late 1800s.
Although, it’s not located in Lima, we recommend making the short trip (slightly over an hour flight) to Cuzco to get to Machu Picchu. The Incan citadel is an amazing architectural feat with some uses known and some that remain a mystery.

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