Agent Tales: Cassie Stallings

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Travel Agent Cassie Stallings has worked at AAA for six years, and her love for travel began with the desire to explore the unknown. “A new adventure awaits each time you set foot in a new location, with new possibilities. I try to find things off the beaten path that aren’t touristy and that a local recommends,” she said.
Cassie first traveled overseas with Trafalgar tours on a trip to Rome, Venice, and Milan, Italy; Lucerne, Switzerland; Paris, France; and then to London, England. “I was nervous,” she admits. “It was my first time out of the country, and I was traveling by myself until I met the tour company. It’s was an adventure, and I had a blast.”
Out of each destination, she chose London as her absolute favorite because there is so much history and so much to see and do. She would like to explore more of the United Kingdom and travel to Scotland, but for now will be traveling to Ireland.
Cassie’s absolute favorite person to travel with is her best friend from Ohio. “We do a girls’ trip once a year to different places,” she said. “Sometimes we do a road trip and stay close to home, while other times we’ve hopped on a plane and flown across the country or out of the country.” 
Some of their favorite destinations have been Sonoma, California where they toured wine vineyards and Jamaica, where they relaxed by the crystal blue waters.
 “The significance of a girls’ trip is you need to reboot, forget about your obligations to work and to family, just relax for a while, and come back refreshed.”

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