Agent Tales: Maria Rhodes

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Are you a first-time traveler? If so, AAA Travel specialist Maria Rhodes knows where you should go—New York City. “I think New York City has so much to offer for those who have never been,” she explained. “Whether you like food, theater, U.S. history, shopping, museums, or some combination of the above, you will be able to find something to please you in that amazing city.”

Although she has only been at AAA since January, Rhodes is a seasoned traveler who loves to help clients find the right trip for them. Her secret to success is that she takes on the challenge of planning trips for her clients that are specifically tailored to them versus the way she would want to plan it if she were traveling with them. “Some clients are counting on us to plan a trip for them based on our own personal travel experiences; whereas, some clients have such specific dreams or requirements of their own that I would be way off base if I planned their trip from my own perspective,” Rhodes said.
Rhodes’s overseas travel experience began when she was 19 in London. She has been to a few places since and considers her favorite destination to be Israel, which she found both beautiful and fascinating. “The exotic temples, Mediterranean food, cultural and religious mix of the Israeli people, and varied terrain made Israel both beautiful and fascinating,” she said.
Rhodes loves that travel is so wonderfully unpredictable. “No matter your approach to travel, things will always be different from what you expected,” she said. “Whether it’s a friendly local offering you advice on a place to eat or a hidden courtyard or café that will become your new favorite spot, you’ll never know what special moment will end up sticking in your memories from a trip.”

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