Baby’s First Trip: Travel Tips for New Moms

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Taking your baby on their first trip can feel like quite the undertaking, but it’s a big step and will eventually become easier. Here are some trip tips from packing to arriving at your destination:
Before you even start packing, visit the pediatrician for a check-up to make sure baby is good to go. Next, pack more of everything than you think you’ll need, including changes of clothes for parents and baby. A stain pre-treater will also help with baby spills. In case of other accidents, bring a basic first-aid kit and prevent accidents with blue painter’s tape for baby proofing. AAA members often receive discounts just by showing their membership card at participating businesses, so don’t forget your card!
If you’re going on a road trip, use window shades so your baby can nap more easily. A well-stocked diaper bag, baby food, bottle warmer, and moist towelettes will come in handy. Entertain your little one with baby music and books that you can read to them. If you need to breastfeed your baby, make sure you stop at a rest area and do not do so while the car is moving.
Make where you’re staying feel as much like home as possible with a play space containing your baby’s favorite toys and a designated diaper-changing area. Your baby should be comfortable enough to nap at all times (which also means naps for you). Take time to let your baby adjust and know that you might need to do certain activities and eat meals at times that are less popular so that you don’t have to deal with crowds.

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