Summertime Lifehacks

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With summertime comes sunshine, cookouts and cool downs, but the warm weather also comes with its share of nuisances. Check out our summertime life hacks to make sure your summer is everything you dreamed it would be.
As you head outdoors for summer activities, watch out for insect bites. To avoid the mosquitos altogether, you can put out halved limes with cloves. Next time you suffer from a bite, try toothpaste. It contains eucalyptus that will soothe bites and even sunburns. Another sunburn solution: freeze aloe vera in an ice cube tray and rub them on your skin for double the cooling effect!
Having trouble with pesky fruit flies? Capture them in Tupperware with fruit and poke a hole through the lid. Once they’re all in, cover with the lid, and they’re trapped. You can make ants disappear with ground up corn kernels.
Cool down with a cold beverage on the go. Fill a water bottle enough so that when you lay it horizontally, the water doesn’t quite reach the opening. Place it in the freezer horizontally, and you have ice! A bottle of your favorite beverage will chill in 15 minutes if you wrap it in a wet paper towel then put it in the freezer.
When it’s time to grill, do it the right way. Spiral cut hotdogs for a nice crunch. For burgers, make an indentation in the center of the patty so it turns out flat and evenly cooked. And try condiments in a muffin tray to stay organized.
Enjoy your summer!

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