Top Dog-friendly Cities in the U.S.

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Whether you’re looking for a new city to move with your pup or just looking for a trip where you can bring them along, you want to make sure you’re heading to a place they’ll feel welcome.

  • If you go to Dog Beach in Fort Myers Beach, Florida­ you can let your dogs roam free. You can even take your dog out on the water with pet-friendly kayak options.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota is known for its dog-friendly establishments. There are plenty of restaurants, parks and events that welcome your dogs, including yoga. And it just happens to be that most dogs love the snow.

  • If your dog loves trips to the park, travel to Portland, Oregon where they’ll have many options. You’ll also find pet massage therapists and a social network for dog lovers.

  • San Diego, California boasts dog-friendly beaches, dog parks, and dog patios. The weather is great for humans and dogs alike, and you might even find your pup surfing.

  • While you’re enjoying live music, your dog will be enjoying dog parks, water fountains, and the bounty of the specialty dog stores that Austin, Texas has to offer. You could even have a special dog photographer do a photo shoot with you and your dog.

  • Washington, D.C. might be one of the larger cities in the nation, but it’s very walkable and good for dogs. There’s green space for you all to enjoy and a strong community of dog lovers.


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