What Type of Honeymoon is Right for You?

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As you go through the wedding planning process, with both the stress and excitement of it all, sometimes your solace comes from imagining the post-wedding honeymoon. Your honeymoon should be a time of bliss with your significant other, but determining where you want to go and what type of honeymoon is right for you as a couple can be the hardest part. Here are the different types of honeymoons and ideas for how to choose.

  • If you’re the type of couple that loves visiting big cities but would never want to live in one, your honeymoon could be a trip to New York City, San Francisco, London, Madrid, Shanghai, or any other major city. With a city honeymoon you’ll have plenty of sites to see and restaurants to try but will feel like you can do activities at your leisure.

  • The most classic honeymoon is the beach honeymoon. Beach vacations tend to be on the more relaxing side, but you can also incorporate as much adventure as you want depending on the beach. Hawaii and Turks and Caicos are popular destinations because of the variety of activities.

  • As an adventure-seeking couple, you have a few different routes to take. Hit the slopes and spas at a ski resort, go backpacking in Europe, hike out west or safari in Africa. You could even do a pilgrimage together to an exciting location like Santiago de Compostela.

  • If you both love to visit old cities and learn about their history, you could try a honeymoon in Rome, Istanbul, Seville, Berlin or Cork. Somewhere like Vienna you can also take advantage of vineyards and wineries.

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