What’s the Big Deal About AAA Diamonds?

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There’s no shortage of resources to offer you advice when you’re choosing a hotel or restaurant. In fact, there’s so much information out there, sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust.

Clear away the clutter by looking at who provides the information and what it tells you. For example, the AAA Diamonds are provided by professional inspectors using consistent guidelines to tell you what a property offers. In contrast, many ratings are provided by unverified sources sharing their personal opinions.

Always start with the Diamonds! We eliminate substandard places from consideration, so you can be sure you’re choosing well when you select from AAA Diamond hotels and restaurants. Every AAA Diamond property meets our high standards of cleanliness, comfort and hospitality.

Think of the Diamond as an indicator of more robust services and amenities. For example, a AAA Three Diamond-rated hotel delivers the comforts of home with less effort. Our AAA Four Diamond-rated properties offer a distinguished splurge for special occasion stays and the “crown jewel” accommodations are awarded a AAA Five Diamond rating.

AAA’s trained professionals have been on the job since 1937. While we’ve evolved to meet modern travel needs and trends, members remain at the forefront.

          — Rob Huffman, VP of Travel & Branch Operations

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