Wash Off Winter with FINS!

by Janean Flowe
FINS shark character

No matter where you are in the Carolinas, it’s a good idea to keep winter grime at bay with regular car washes. If you live in the mountains, you’ll likely often drive through snow and road salt. If your home is along the coast, you have sand and saltwater to contend with.

Road salt works thanks to a chemical reaction that lowers water’s freezing point and melting ice to prevent the vehicle from sliding on the ice. The downside? Road salt is highly corrosive to vehicles — causing rust over time. Salt can impact your car in coastal areas, too. The salt from the ocean filters through the air before it lands on your car’s surface, which can cause body damage (and eventually, rust). Keeping your car clean during the winter can help limit the long-term damage caused by both types of salt.

Our custom-selected soaps deliver the best clean without harming your car’s finish. In addition, with an advanced low-stress loading system that gets you in and out with ease, you’ll be back on the road in no time! Join the Fins Loyalty Program and receive a free Top Wash! Download the Fins Mobile App, create an account and go to the rewards tab to view and redeem your free Top Wash! Available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Visit AAA.com/GoFins for more information and to find a Fins Wash location near you.

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