5 Fun Things to Do in Hawaii

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With six main islands and sites all around, you’ll never get bored in Hawaii. In addition to daily activities such as beach hopping, golfing, and evening luaus, here are five Hawaiian vacation must-dos.

  • Regardless of which island you’re visiting in Hawaii, snorkeling is a must. You’ll get a close-up look at Hawaii’s stunning marine life, including vividly-colored coral reef. There are many professional guided tours to choose from so that you’ll feel fully prepared.

  • Hiking in general is a great activity throughout the Hawaiian Islands. For the true outdoorsman, we recommend hiking the legendary Na Pali Coast in Kauai. It’s 22 miles round-trip and offers amazing views of mountains, coastline, and waterfalls along the way.

  • Hawaii is known for its volcanoes, and the best place to see  them is Hawai’I Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Island. You’ll find craters that are miles long, rainforests, black lava, and walkable tunnels.

  • Surfing is a major facet of life in Hawaii. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced surfer, there are many ways to experience this culture; head to Oahu for a lesson, to watch the pros, or to put your skills to the test.

  • Whales might be some of the largest creatures on Earth, but they are also some of the most graceful. Hawaii is a perfect setting for whale watching as you’ll witness the whales dancing along the water’s surface with a beautiful backdrop.


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