Labor Day Maintenance Tips from AAA Car Care

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maintenance tips for car driving in autumn
Planning to hit the road for a Labor Day weekend getaway? Whether your car’s been parked in the driveway for awhile or you’ve been using it regularly this summer, it’s a good idea to get your vehicle checked before you travel.

With 36 AAA Car Care locations across the Carolinas, it’s easy to find one near you!

Why AAA Car Care?

Our top priority is customer experience and complete transparency during car service visits. You’re in the driver’s seat with our digital vehicle inspection — AAA Digital Vehicle Insight (DVI). Our DVI is sent to you via text or email. It features photos, videos and technician notes about your vehicle’s health.

We’ve also modified our Car Care experience with your health and safety in mind. This includes enhanced cleaning procedures, face mask required (provided to you, if needed) and enforced social distancing measures. In addition, we provide:

  • New contactless pay options via Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Our technicians use steering wheel covers, seat covers and floor mats on every vehicle
  • Our technicians and service representatives sanitize their hands after use or when taking possession of keys to all vehicles

Here are AAA Car Care’s suggestions on pre-travel maintenance to get checked before your heavy travel:

Pre-Travel Maintenance Tips
Change or Top Off Vehicle Fluids

The heat and extra mileage of summer can put stress on your vehicle. Fluids such as oil and coolant, along with many others, ensure that it continues to operate in top condition. They transfer heat, lubricate parts, and act as a cleansing agent. Each vehicle fluid has a different recommended frequency at which they should be changed, so consult your manual or talk to a AAA Car Care service consultant to stay on top of your fluid maintenance.

Test Your Battery

Extreme heat can shorten the life of your battery. It’s also often the first thing to go if your car sits unused. Get your battery tested to check if summer has left it in a weakened state before going into cooler weather. Battery checks at AAA Car Care centers are free!

Inspect Your Tire Tread

Check tire tread depth and overall tire appearance prior to heavy travel to ensure your tires show no signs of safety issues. To test your tread depth, you can buy an inexpensive tire depth gauge at your local auto parts store or use the penny test. When using a penny, find a spot on your tire where the tread is worn and place Abe Lincoln’s head into the grooves. If Lincoln’s face is not covered by the tread, your tires should be inspected by a professional AAA Car Care technician. Our car care locations can handle any of your tire service needs including purchasing of new tires. We offer a wide range of brands, makes and sizes.

Reserve your appointment today for any of the above services or any car maintenance or repair need.

AAA Car Care centers serve both AAA Members and Non-Members for all of their car care needs. Our Members save on select repairs and labor costs, including a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty and a 10% discount on repair labor (up to $100). Reserve any of your car repair or maintenance needs today.

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