Road Trip to the Mountains? Triple Check™ Before You Go 

by Kristy Tolley

Many people will plan a road trip vacation this summer, choosing holidays by car, camper or RV over flights or cruises amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Since many people have decided to stay closer to home, the mountains can be a great summer escape if you live in the Carolinas. The cooler climate, fresh air, stunning scenery and variety of ways to explore the mountains can provide a unique and unforgettable trip.  

However, keep in mind of potential threats when driving on mountain roads. You could encounter hazards like falling rocks, mountain animals darting in front of your car, or objects thrown from other cars could damage your vehicle. These are just a few unforeseen damages that aren’t covered by collision insurance —  or liability insurance.  

At AAA Insurance we want to make sure you have the coverage you need regardless of where your summer travels take you. For insurance guidance, our agents offer a no-obligation AAA Triple Check™. This quick three-step review of your current auto insurance policy helps find new ways you could be saving. Before you head to the mountains, check in with your local insurance agent to make sure you’re covered. 

Call your local AAA Insurance Agent at 800-424-3751 or visit to find an agent near you! 


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