How to Prevent Storm Damage to Your Car

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hail damage on car

The best time to prepare for bad weather is before it arrives. With storm season rapidly approaching, make sure you’re ready to protect your vehicle from wind, hail, and other problems that accompany severe weather. From small changes on your phone to insurance to cover damage, here are 9 tips for preventing storm damage to your car.

Organize your garage
Many of us are guilty of letting our garage serve as storage for stuff instead of shelter for cars. Organize your garage so you can quickly pull your car in when severe weather arises.

Secure or store potential projectiles
Secure outdoor items or move them inside if heavy winds are in the forecast. Wind can lift or blow over items like patio furniture, grills, and garbage cans, causing damage to your vehicle.

Get severe storm alerts
Most phones have a built-in system to receive severe weather alerts, but many people have these deactivated. Keep them on to help you react in time to protect your vehicle before a storm.

Purchase a hail blanket
Hail blankets or sturdy car tents can protect your car from hail damage. While not a perfect solution, they can help limit the damage from hail and falling branches when you don’t have shelter.

Find cover for your car
If you don’t have a garage (or room in your garage), find places ahead of time where you can quickly move your vehicle before a storm. Commercial parking garages are an excellent place for temporary shelter until the weather passes.

Park in a smart location
If you’re away from home, look for somewhere covered to park. If you can’t find anywhere, try to park close to a building to limit your vehicle’s exposure. Avoid stopping near trees, powerlines, and gravel.

Take photos of vehicle today
Taking “before” photos can be an important step when filing an insurance claim after suffering storm damage. Providing these images to a claims adjuster will help ensure a smooth process.

Check your coverages and deductibles now
Don’t wait until you hear a storm is coming to check your coverage. You’ll need Comprehensive Coverage to cover damage caused by storms. Talk to a AAA Agent to be sure you have the proper coverage in place and deductibles you’re comfortable paying before it’s too late.

Get Extended Transportation coverage
If your car is damaged by hail or other severe weather that is covered by your Comprehensive Coverage, Extended Transportation will help offset the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired.

Acting now to protect your car from storms can save you time and money when bad weather arrives. Make sure you’re covered for everything nature throws your way by talking to a AAA Insurance agent today. Our AAA Triple Check™ will ensure you have the best policy for your specific needs.

Get an online quote or call 1-800-349-0425 today.

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