Travel Agent Challenge: Corri Besier

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Born and raised on the island of Oahu, AAA Travel Specialist Corri Besier knows all about tailoring Hawaiian vacations to her clients. She stayed there until late into her 20s when she married and moved. Besier's husband was in the Marine Corp, and together they have traveled and lived in many places, giving her added insight on coveted travel destinations.

She has found the biggest obstacle in planning a Hawaiian trip to be overcoming the client’s hesitation to fly the distance from the East Coast to the islands. “We discuss whether or not they can handle the air portion all in one day, or if we need to stop them somewhere so they can rest and divide the trip into pieces,” she explained. Stopping on the West Coast is the most common way to break it up, often using Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas as her top city stops. “This way, the client can then visit another place besides Hawaii and perhaps satisfy a few of the ‘Bucket List’ stops together in one trip.”

Besier has also had many clients who don’t realize how affordable a Hawaiian vacation can be. “This is where my being born and raised in Hawaii comes in very handy because I can help to plan a Hawaiian vacation to fit just about any budget.”

Having stayed in many different hotels and resorts on several of the Hawaiian islands, she knows the vast range that clients have to choose from. “Each of the Hawaiian islands has its own personality, so it is wonderful to be able to help plan a vacation that includes two or more of the islands,” she said.

From her experience traveling and working as a travel specialist, Besier has learned that in most cases, regardless of where someone is from, they have a dream of visiting places that are different from where they were born and raised, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. “I am one of the lucky ones. I get to help plan travel for my clients so they can experience and thus live their dreams.”

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